Motivation Cards

We are almost there! My kids and I are counting the days until summer break. I think I need the break more than they do! It has been the hardest school year for me with homeschooling a 17 year old in difficult high school subjects, homeschooling two elementary children, chasing a very active one year old everywhere, and caring for a newborn that was born in August (the week before we began school). Somehow we did it and I can say the kids are all on schedule. We have certainly proved that with God's help, anything is possible!

As I cheer them on to the finish line at the end of May, I will be using these adorable compliment cards that I found at Kind Over Matter. I printed them off on cardstock and will randomly leave them in places that they can discover them (ex. taped to a bathroom mirror, under their pillows, inside their shoes, etc.)
Another little perk and change of pace helps us all out. ;o)

UPDATE: I printed these off with my two elementary boys in mind but also used them with my seventeen-year-old, too. To my complete surprise, my teenager loved them and even left them taped up in his bathroom and bedroom this weekend when his friends spent the night. He said they were "cool." Wow- that caught me off guard. I actually did something cool! :o)