Organize your blogs with Sqworl

I must admit that I am an organizational freak.  At least that's what my friends and family tell me. I like everything to be placed neatly in a particular place yet I am also very practical. 

Nancy from recently taught me about a tool that is both neat and practical- Sqworl.

No, I did not just make a major typo. It really is spelled Sqworl. See for yourself at

Teachers and parents can now easily organize their favorite sites and blogs for themselves or for their children in a visually pleasing manner. No more scrolling through your favorites. Just make a Sqworl with your favorite sites, and the screen will look like the image below.
After you create your Sqworl, just click on which site you want to go to and it automatically jumps to that site. This is also perfect for non-readers. has organized the best teaching blogs by grade levels and categories. These blogs have are filled with fun, creative, and effective teaching tips for preschool teachers, elementary teachers, home educators, parents, and tutors.

Until next time, have fun creating your Sqworl!