I (oh, I mean my son) graduated!

I did it! I really did it! Never thought I would have done it but I did it! 

So what did I do? I homeschooled all the way from preschool to high school. I can't believe it! When my son received his diploma at the Florida Homeschoolers Graduation Ceremony last week, I was elated. I felt like the parents should be right beside their children on the stage since these parents were graduating from homeschooling, too. What a rewarding time it was for everyone!

My homeschooling journey started HERE and it will not be over for a l-o-n-g time still. Click HERE to see what I mean. And many days there are challenges, particularly the ones that giggle and cry and cause major distractions like HERE. But I am thankful to be a homeschool momma and couldn't ask for a better job.

Enjoy your precious children. They really do grow up fast.