12 FUN Ways to Use Conversation Candy Hearts

I love using the holidays as a backdrop for FUN learning activities! One thing I have learned in twenty years of teaching is that kids activities that involve food, especially candy! That is why I made a visit to the dollar store to grab a few packets of conversation heart candy.

Here are 12 conversation heart candy activities that your kids will love!

Use the colors of the hearts for activities. Make patterns and have your child complete the pattern. Younger children can sort all the hearts by colors.
Play memory/concentration with the hearts. (This takes a bit of planning from Mom making sure there are two of each before you start playing the game.)

Use your hearts as markers for Bingo. I printed off the BINGO cards from my favorite free BINGO card generator site.

There are also free Bingo boards made just for conversation hearts. These are really neat!

 Make shapes out of the hearts. For older kids, provide clues for shapes, such as: make a shape with no angles, make a polygon with five sides, or make a shape with four right angles.

 Measure your hearts to see how many it takes to make an inch or foot. You can also weigh your hearts. For example, how many grams does 50 hearts weigh?

Use your hearts for graphing.
I love this little boy's expression in the photo below. Too precious for words!

 Use your hearts as manipulatives for addition and subtraction

and for multiplication and division.

Use your hearts in creative writing.

Spell sight words and spelling words with your hearts.

Use your hearts for estimation by predicting how many will fit into a small cup. You can also use this activity for probability. Ask your child what color he predicts he will get the most of when he shakes the cup and grabs a few hearts.

Visit my friends at What the Teacher Wants to see what these amazing girls are giving away for FREE! There are tons of printables to use with your conversation hearts. Don't miss out on their conversation heart Battleship game. How clever!
Enjoy these activities! I hope you {heart} them! ☺

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