Snowflake videos you don't want to miss!

I just discovered this A.DOR.A.BLE video today. My little ones loved it! It teaches the parts of the body as well. It's just too cute for words!

I recently learned about using a snowman to teach the Trinity and I thought that was SO COOL! Ha! If you click on the image below, there are FREE printables and coloring sheets about the Trinity Snowman.
My older kids watched this video on snowflakes. We saw it years ago but are still amazed by God's great designs. I still find it incredible that each snowflake is different yet they all have six sides. Discovery Channel does not allow me to embed this video so click on the image to be taken to You-Tube to view it.

We made this cute craft from Oriental Trading with a few neighborhood friends and discussed how God makes us all unique. The craft went perfect with the video above.

If you'd like more snowy ideas, click on the image below for tons of FUN winter activities.