Using Apples to Apples for Improving Vocabulary and Writing Skills

Apples to Apples is a game of CrAzY comparisons. It's based on the old adage "that's like comparing apples to oranges," which is used to describe a situation when two unlike things are being compared. My kids started playing Apples to Apples last year and were hooked instantly. Some of the words were a little difficult for them so I bought them the Junior version as a gift. Now the neighborhood kids gather in our garage playing Apples to Apples Junior for hours each week.

Apples to Apples Junior - The Game of Crazy Comparisons!

While we were playing as a family, the teacher in me had a lightbulb moment. This game teaches vocabulary, synonyms, adjectives, comparisons, and more! It was like they were absorbing meanings of new words faster than sponges. I was elated!

Then I thought of a great idea to use this game for future writing lessons! You know, those quick unplanned lessons usually when you are in between writing units/concepts or when you need to change your plans last minute and need a filler activity. Hand your child a certain number of cards (perhaps 10) and have him write a story using those words. It can be a serious story or it could be filled with humor. He can read the adjectives on the cards to help him learn the meanings. What a fun way to spice up writing!

If you haven't played this game before, it is LOADS OF FUN! My husband and I have played it for years when company comes over. Now that my middle sons are old enough, they join in with the adults. We have the family-friendly edition. There are also several other editions of the game available, such as the Apples to Apples Bible Edition.
Apples to Apples Bible Edition
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This writing assignment is part of 101 Ways to Make Writing FUN!