The BEST cleaner you can make yourself!

This is an impromptu post that I thought I'd share with you since I just finished mixing up my favorite cleaner. Maybe there are a few teachers and mothers out there that might like to know how to make their own cleaners like I did.

I'm a mom of five (four are boys and I mean all-boy). Two of the five are toddlers. Toddlers equal dirt magnets! Top off those numbers with a homeschooling mom who LOVES fun activities (which tend to be messy 99% percent of the time). Now you may understand why I like to use a good fantastic cleaner.

When a friend of mine shared with me this simple and inexpensive way to create my own cleaner, I had to try it. I really liked it and have been making it for over a year now. My favorite part (besides how cheap and easy it is to make) is how the alcohol kills tons of germs and bacteria, too. Now I have lots of peace knowing that the messes are cleaned up, as well as all the gunk that I can't see. That makes me smile. :) Can you tell I am a total clean-freak? When my house was listed in a realtor magazine years ago, the realtor labeled it as "Mrs. Clean lives here." Yes, I have issues.

The BEST cleaner that you can make yourself!
Here is the not-so-secret formula.

Add 16 oz. 70% alcohol and 2 tbsp. Prell shampoo into a two-liter bottle. Fill the rest of bottle up with water and shake. Pour into a spray bottle. Save rest for future in two-liter bottle. That's it!

Do not use on granite or wood surfaces due to the alcohol.

Enjoy cleaning up those messes,