Story flowers make writing paragraphs FUN

Teaching children how to write a paragraph does not need to be boring. I have shared on a previous post how I like using the Paragraph Train when introducing paragraph writing. Another method I have enjoyed using is creating Story Flowers.

My boys cut out five petals and a circle from construction paper to create a flower. They write the title in the center and a topic sentence, three details, and a closing sentence on the petals. After they construct their Story Flower, they use it as a visual aid to type up their paragraphs. You can also use this as a graphic organizer for creative writing, as well as for reading comprehension by writing in each petal of the flower: What, Who, Why, When, and Where.

Five Ws:
What happened?
Who was there?
Why did it happen?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?

Enjoy the beauty in writing,